(founder & owner)

“It’s not just about haircuts or Menicures® treatments. The most important factors are how you make someone feel and the care & attention that you give!”

(general manager & owner)

“With our services we contribute to the health of men! Mentally and Physically we ensure that they can be the best version of themselves.”

(relationship manager & owner)

“As an owner of MAESONS, I want to provide the best quality and a relaxing environment for men.”

(marketing & communication)

“Working on our brand to become, The Ultimate Men-Experience, in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.”


“My hospitality is not self-evident. It arises out of love for my work and people.”


“A great haircut always comes with great confidence. My goal is to make our customers feel good about themselves.”

Dimitri (Barber)

“You are a product of your actions in the past So, if you want to be great tomorrow, you should get a haircut today.”

Sander (Barber)

“I can handle al kinds of hairstyles, and I also do the colouring. So let me bring colour in your life!.”

Amy (Barber)

“For me it’s about making people feel good about themselves and see them leave our shop more confident.”

Levi (Barber)

“It all starts with passion, which leads to persistence… and creating smiles on peoples faces.”

Anass (Barber)

“A haircut is so much more than just a haircut. It is an experience that fuses artistry and handcraft.”

kim (barber)

“We are transforming not only how a person looks but also how they feel. Everyone has their own story, I love to combine listening with a nice haircut.”

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Really kind service
Luis Sor
Luis Sor
What a haircut experience is supposed to be like. My first experience was in 2019. Then back again now and still unmatched. #1inNL thank you Levi and Team! See you next month.
Edward Jeffrey
Edward Jeffrey
Wat een ervaring! Good vibes en haircut is echt A+! Ook pedicure was super nice. NBA kunnen checken ondertussen met een smoothy erbij. De smoothy bowls zijn ook super lekker. Hier kom ik absoluut vaker! 💙
Dwight van de Vijver
Dwight van de Vijver
Top kapper! Aandacht, vriendelijkheid en kwaliteit. Lekker drankje erbij en uiteindelijk beste knipbeurt in jaren, dankzij Eknarin.
Ro Runga
Ro Runga
Beste barbershop top quality!👌🏽
Jamaeda Bennett
Jamaeda Bennett
Good clean cut. All barbers get a good training before they start.
Ruben G
Ruben G
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