maesons super bowls & smoothies

choose one of our favourites or create your own!

Are you craving for a fresh healthy breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack?
Our menu has a wide variety in superfood bowls, acai bowls and smoothies.

The Acai berry has been praised for its healthy benefits. The berry contains antioxidants, omega 3 and 9 fats, vitamins and minerals. We make delicious smoothies and Acai fruit bowls with the Acai berry.
Our bowls and smoothies are organic, have no additives, 100% fruit & vegetables, GMO ( genetically modified organism) free, vegan and gluten free.

At MAESONS you also have the possibility to create your own bowl or smoothie.
So, see you soon in our Sportsbar!


Water base

Herbs and Greens 5.5
Mayan Raw Chocolate/Coffee 5.5
Olympia Lemon Cherry 5.5
Acai 5.5

Juice base

Hawaiian 6
Berry Bomb 6
Orange Clockwork 6

Milk (Almond or Coco)

Pitaya 6
Coco-Cashew 6
Acai 6
Mayan Raw Chocolate/Coffee (Ice coffee) 6

super bowls (maesons favourites)

Pitaya 10.5
Blue Ocean 10.5
Acai 10.5
Hawaiian 11.5
Mayan Raw Chocolate/Coffee 11.5

Create your own smoothie or bowl

We have more than 30 different sorts of toppings (fresh fruit, chocolate, seeds), granola and super powder.

Starting from 7.5

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Goed geknipt, aardige kapster, omdat er niemand na mij kwam werd er lang de tijd voor me genomen.
Jens Loeven
Jens Loeven
Great but not the best haircut I ever had. Given the high price I was expecting something better …
Beppe Marinelli
Beppe Marinelli
Great service and nice people
Milad Dehghan
Milad Dehghan
Beste van Utrecht.
DE ALLERBESTE plek voor je baard en haar. Elk personeelslid knipt ook het zelfde en dat maakt het makkelijk en super goed.
Willem Vel Tromp
Willem Vel Tromp
Dimitri sent me on my way looking sharp and feeling like a million bucks. Learned a lot about my own face into the bargain. Highly recommended.
Eelco Voorbrood
Eelco Voorbrood
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